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Updates from the Caravan!

we spent a lot of time in 2015 pulling together everything we learnt in the last few years. our intent for 2016 and beyond is to create value for you and price our courses accordingly. are you in?

framing online work, many drip feeds.

framing online work, many drip feeds.

framing online work, many drip feeds. when you look at online working one of the biggest areas of entry pain to this new world is understanding where to spend your time. should you concentrate on one platform, learn all its features and quirks. integrate into that community and make connections and ignore the rest? how much ...

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earnings month one skillshare – $33.71

earnings month one skillshare – $33.71

earnings month one skillshare – $33.71 quickstats 8 courses live one with over 50 people (think that is where most came in from) been putting content on for a few weeks I’m kinda quietly pumped on this. yes, I know your looking at that and are like, what? how can you be happy about making like ...

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Vanity Url Discovery Skillshare Released!

Vanity Url Discovery Skillshare Released!

Vanity Url Discovery Skillshare Course Released! QUICKLINK | Take the Course Here I’m still trying to get into that groove where I’m pushing a course each day I’m finding a situation where I’m spending more time in producing right now when it comes to the slides and the graphics for each course. I’d rather do ...

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free courses you have not even watched.

free courses you have not even watched.

free courses you have not even watched. you know what I’m on about. the initial excitement, the clickbait headline, the stuffed seo titles and the ‘oh so current’ descriptions to hook you in.  I’ve probably tried to write a few. you know the score, you’ve known the score for some time, you like the chase. the ...

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skillshare online course about making course.

skillshare online course about making course.

skillshare online course about making skillshare course. quicklink | grab course here i think it’s useful to explain the process. i absolutely know it’s going to be a question moving forward so might as well nip it in the bud now and push it out together with the next course. i’m aiming to push courses ...

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2000+ students so far

we don't just want to sell course, we want to form a virtual connection with you across the many platforms that teamhumble use to host dialog. investing in us brings more than a course.

  • – Paul Reader

    This little course is a gem! It covers lots of practical considerations surrounding using the Wirecast software and using blabs creatively. Phil is clearly knowledgeable, his delivery is great and production is good too.

    – Paul Reader
  • – Jane Curth

    Phillip’s delivery is very engaging! He is also very knowledgeable about the subject.

    – Jane Curth
  • – Julian West

    Fun, engaging lecturer and a quality presentation. In setting up a live stream for a friend, this is what I needed to get started.

    – Julian West
  • – Dayle Dracy

    “Not only is Phil a dynamic, attention keeping- teacher (for ADD students like me), but I left this course feeling, enabled, equipped and INSPIRED. Good to see someone using their knowledge and experience to give back to the online community.”

    – Dayle Dracy
  • – Trudy Messingham

    “An incredibly useful introduction for mifi, with superb ‘real world use’ details from a very knowledgeable instructor. A must for anyone who attends conferences, or is out and about on business.”

    – Trudy Messingham
  • – Megan Haste

    Phil gets through each point in a concise manner without skipping any of the details, and without moving too quickly for one to be able to take the info in. Well done once again Phil, you’ve created a clear, concise resource that I’m sure will prove incredibly helpful to first-time Slack users!

    – Megan Haste
  • – CTB (udemy)

    “When I signed up for this course I had no idea who Phil Campbell was or what social media advocate meant. I found so many things in this course that tie in to my online media plans. Best part it is absolutely up to date cutting edge, which is what Phil does”

    – CTB (udemy)
  • – Neetha Reddy

    “This is good knowledge for someone interested in slack. To see if it is a tool useful for you. He demonstrates what it is and how to use in detail.”

    – Neetha Reddy

full hd quality video shot together with screencasts allow you to follow along. talking head style videos are quick and are packed with advice, you can even take them with you offline with no internet!


my online training is hosted in the cloud using udemy. pay and get access straight away. it is safe, secure and covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. absolutely no risk.


around the clock live support is available if you have questions before purchase, during the course and well after you have finished. i'm here to help you understand and crush digital in the years ahead.


digital nomad in transition between countries, learning new skills on the road as you go? we are constantly moving too, drop us a message and let's barter our time and skills for mutual benefit.


social media and digital communications is what i love, brand advocate for digital agencies in the uk, europe and america for the last decade -- helping your social media take off and land like SpaceX!


everything we do in our digitally nomadic agency is geared with open dialog, authentic interaction and intent. we value your custom and will work additional hard to maintain your engagement. fancy a brew?

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